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The 10,000 Dreams Interpreted CD-ROM
A Practical Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams

What is your mind trying to tell you through your dreams? Find out quickly and easily with this amazing CD-ROM. More than 10,000 time-honored entries provide explanations of common dream symbols. Plus, find practical advice on how to analyze your dreams! This CD contains insight after insight.


Welcome to Your Dreams!

Dreams are said to be the gateway to the subconsious mind and are the body's way of processing the things that happen to us. Dreams help to make sense of what happens to us in our work, in our relationships, and all other aspects of life. They bring clarity and insight and often provide creative solutions to problems that may have eluded us in our waking lives. Many people even believe that dreams can help us forsee the future and stories of such precongnition are written throughout history, including in the Bible.

The 10,000 Dreams Interpreted CD-ROM is vast reference work that helps you to understand your dreams, your personal dream symbolism, and can help you gain a better perspective on your self, your world, and your life.

In A-to-Z format, 10,000 Dreams Interpreted provides various ways of looking at and understanding your dreams. This CD-ROM is a lot less confusing than similar books. It also happens to be a lot more comprehensive. Included are examples of dreams and then their explanation, providing for a complete dream dictionary that is unsurpassed in quality, quantity, and usability. Use it once and you'll see that it is well worth the price. Use it often and you will find yourself better able at coping with life, improving oneself, and understanding those around you.

Dream Interpretation

10,000 Dreams Interpreted is an exceptional handbook to dream interpretation. The possible meanings of our dreams are as varied, as intricate and as infinite as our thoughts. 10,000 Dreams Interpreted is your opportunity to unlock the secret of your unconscious mind and explore the possibilities of your dream landscape.

What do our dreams mean? The language of dreams is made up mostly of visual symbols that often seem incomprehensible. 10,000 Dreams Interpreted will give you a key to help you understand those symbols and, in turn, the meaning of your dreams. Every symbol that appears in a dream has its own unique meaning, and without the knowledge of that meaning, we will never attain a real understanding of our dreams. For example, did you know that if you dream of leaves it denotes happiness and improvement in business? Or if you dream of a sleigh, it means you will fail in a love affair and incur the displeasure of a friend? There are thousands of things we dream about that may have significant and unusual meanings, including: actors, blacksmiths, crows, dolphins, elephants, fish, garlic, hogs, ice cream, jams, lanterns, museums, newspapers, oysters, peaches, quicksand, rain, sawdust, tattoos, umbrellas, violets, waiters, yachts, and zebras. All of which are explained in this encyclopedia of dream symbols!

10,000 Dreams Interpreted is a unique encyclopedic CD-ROM that will provide essential information to help you understand the richness of your dreams.

Life is Short!

"Proverbially, and undeniably, life is short. To make matters worse, we must spend between a quarter and a half of our lives asleep... By awakening to your dreams, you will add to your experience of life and... you can improve your enjoyment of your waking hours." - Stephen LaBerge

"Dreams are a reservoir of knowledge and experience... When make good use of the dream state, it is almost as if our lives were doubled: instead of a hundred years, we live two hundred." - Tarthang Tulku

System Requirements:
PC with Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, XP, or 2000
Pentium II Processor or equivalent or higher
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