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The Book of Shadows CD-ROM

The Book of Shadows CD-ROM is a Complete Library!
And it's all FREE

The Book of Shadows & The High Magick Compendium CD-ROM

What it is
Throughout time, pagans have known that human beings have possessed the power to alter reality. Finally, a program that teaches you how. Painstakingly filled with spells, pagan information, virtually anything you may possibly need, this CD-ROM is a must for any witch and witchcraft library. Great as a primer for those just beginning to walk the path of mysteries or as an easily accessible reference guide for adepts. You'll find everything here, truly something for everyone.

This is an electronic Book of Shadows Software and e-book anthology, designed as a compendium of knowledge that is easily accessible on your PC. User friendly, and designed with the most novice computer user in mind. No where else will you find a Book of Shadows CD-ROM with this much information in it.

System Requirements:
PC with Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, XP, or 2000
Pentium II Processor or equivalent or higher
An Open Mind

What's in it
This CD-ROM is jam-packed full of spells, articles, and other wicca, pagan, and magick information. Here's a glimpse of what you'll receive with your order:

The Wicca Rede
Reverse Any Love Spell
Love Charm Spell
Get a Lover to Call Spell
Rid Unwanted Lover Spell
Fidelity Spell
Return a Lover Spell
Attract Wealthy Husband Spell
Attract the One You Love Spell
Attract Opposite Sex Spell
Money Spells
Break Into Show Business
Ritch Witch Spell
To Help Pay Debts Spell
Easy Money Spell
Healing Spells
Easy Heal-All Spell
Headache Tea Recipe
Dieting Spell
Alleviate Illness
Increase Health and Vitality
Ease Cramps Spell
Hex Cure
Jaundice Curing Spell
Third Eye Ritual
Hair Divination
Psychic Power Spell
Empowerment Ritual
Poetic Inspiration
Miscellaneous Spells
Destructive Knot Spell
Beauty Spell
Powerful Wish Spell
Spell to Bring Spirits
Intention Spell
Knot Magick
Rain Spell
Spell to Speed up Time
Youth Preserved
To Have an Object Returned
To Remove Misfortune
Conjure Transformations
Empower a Charm or Amulet
Hekate Spell
Magickal Token Spell
Runic Spell
Life Filled With Sunshine
Change Enemies to Friends
Keep Evil Away
Medicine Wheel Meditation
Separating from a Problem
Spell for Spiritual Awareness
Learn the Truth Spell
Traditional Rituals
Moon Phases & Signs
Lucid Dreaming
Offline Resources
Celtic Graphics
Love Spells
Your Heart's Desire Spell
Find a Lover Spell
Entice Love Spell
Fertility Spell
Marriage Spell
Broken Mirror Spell
Make a Man Love You Spell
Spell of Desire
Bring Someone Close Spell
Essential Money Spell
Be a Winner Spell
For Riches Spell
Win a Bet Spell
For Money Spell
Curing Depression
Skin & Acne Cure
Healing After Personal Loss
Remove Warts Spell
Cure Illness Spell
Health Spell
Lower a Fever
To Prolong Life Spell
Psychic Spells
For Sight or Insight
Water Divination
To Increase Psychic Vision
Memory Rite
Cloud Eye Rite
Invisibility Spell
Flying Ointment
To Cure a Bad Habit
Wish Ritual
To Get Someone to Call You
Simple Wish Chant
Energy Towards Goal
Finding That Which is Lost
To Speed Down Time
Banishing Ritual
To Get Another To Agree
Binding a Spell
To Make A Wish Come True
Initiate into a Coven or Circle
Spell for Everything
True Love/Friendship Spell
Break A Streak Of Bad Luck
Spirit Aid
Stop Gossip
Exorcism Spell
Moonvow for Weight Loss
Shrine Dedication to Isis
Spell to Find Your Spirit Guide
True Will Ritual
Magickal Implements
How to do Rituals
Circle Casting
Online Resources
Pagan Software
Willow Knot Spell
Win the Heart Spell
Attract the One You Love
Bring a Lover Back Spell
End Lover's Triangle Spell
Dream of Future Love Spell
Ease Unrequited Love Spell
Make Lover Come Spell
Photograph Spell
Love Sachet Spell
Head for Success Spell
Green & Gold Money Spell
Lucky Money Spell
The Lottery Spell
Full Moon Money Spell
Healing a Friend or Relative
Headache Relief Spell
Banishing Depression Spell
Cure Ill Health
Ease Ill Health Spell
Remove a Headache
Bad Breath Spell
Healing Spell
Scrying Spell
Rosemary Divination
Break Psychic Bonds
Power Spells
Confidence Spell
Artistic Inspiration
True Beauty Spell
Meditation for Magickal Name
Summon Goddess Hecatee
Invocation of the Charms
Do You Like Me? Spell
Job Spell
Ritual For Peace
Change Eye Colour
Summoning Spirits & Ghosts
Protection Spell
Getting Justice
Breaking Spells Cast on You
Change for the Better
Heal Emotional Rifts
Hand Protection Symbol Spell
Healing Chant
Remove A Problem
Increase Psychic Vision
Make An Enemy Move
Blessings of a Traveller
Past Lives Meditation
Spell of the Comb & Mirror
Unhexing Spell
Gleaming Hair & Youthful Zest
Candle Attributes
Astral Projection
Consecrating Tools
Sacred Space
The Kabbalah
Lesser Banishing Ritual
Pagan Graphics

Full Length Books Included

Key of Solomon the King
Lesser Key of Solomon the King (The Goetia)
Ars Notoria
Ars Almadel
Ars Nova
Ars Paulina
Of Geomancy
Theurgia Goetia
Book of the Law
Tree of Life Analysis
Decoding the Keys of Solomon
How to make and use a Magick Mirror
How to call forth spirits
Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram
Opening by Watchtower
Closing by Watchtower
Circulation of the Body of Light
Middle Pillar Ritual, Relaxation Ritual
Tarot Contemplation Ritual
Tarot Meanings
Enochian Angel names and Pronunciations
Taming the Four Elements


Over 700 pages of pagan information, spells and resources in the Book of Shadows! More than 14 full length books on the rest of the CD. Includes pagan themes, screensavers, and software. Any witch serious about the craft needs this CD in their library!

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