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Who Are We?
These CD-ROMs are brought to you by a small group of multimedia development professionals who wanted to devote their time to the creation of computer learning tools that genuinely helped individuals connect with the mysteries in life. The mysterious, as opposed to normal life, is what connects us and charges our lives full of meaning. Started by a sorceress named Sapphire, our group continues to release CD-ROMs to the public offering quality content in an easy to learn format.

These CD-ROMs, we feel, are important because they enable people to connect to the most sacred of all material existence, the mind. Your mind truly creates your reality and these CD-ROMs contain all the information that anyone needs to connect to the inner sanctum of the mind. Once connected, like magick, the mind is capable of extraordinary miracles, where almost anything is possible.

Why Free?

We used to sell CD-ROMs for a much higher price than shipping and handling, and what we found is that it wasn't the money that we earned that brought us joy. It was the comments we received from people all over the world who enjoyed the CDs and found them to be exactly what they were looking for. That kind of thing is priceless!

We still charge for shipping and handling, just a few bucks to offset the cost of making and mailing the CD-ROM, but other than that, it's totally free!

Since it doesn't really cost us anything, and since we enjoy teaching others through multimedia:

Why free? Why not?

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